Thanks for your service, vets! Now try finding a job


Story highlights

The unemployment rate for young vets is higher than the rest of the country

Also, food stamp benefits are shrinking and a hiring incentive program is ending

Ex-Marine who started a program to help fellow vets offers top five job-hunt tips

CNN —  

Suddenly, Patrick Caruso’s days as a Marine were done.

Like many young men and women who’ve served their country, Caruso’s first weeks back in the civilian world felt “kind of like a shell shock.”

The familiar structure of military life was gone, and it was time to adapt to a very different mission: finding a job.

Caruso, now 29, recalled what it felt like when his Marine Corps enlistment ran out in 2007: “I remember having this feeling of, ‘I have no idea what I need to do next.’” Vets turn military training into $50m fitness company

Caruso got over that hump and found work. But many young veterans don’t, and they end up joining the ranks of America’s jobless.