The new iPad Mini is set to be released later this month, though there have been reports of production delays.
PHOTO: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
The new iPad Mini is set to be released later this month, though there have been reports of production delays.

Story highlights

No release date for the second-generation iPad Mini has been announced

Speculation has centered on November 22

The new Mini has a faster processor and high-definition screen

Reports suggest manufacturing on the tablets has been slow

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Two weeks after Apple announced a new iPad Mini, shoppers looking to snap one up for the holidays – or just for themselves – are no closer to knowing when the tablet might hit stores.

There was no word Tuesday on a release date for the updated version of Apple’s tinier tablet, four days after its larger sibling, the new iPad Air, went on sale.

When the two new tablets were unveiled last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the new Mini, with a speedier processor and the same high-definition “retina display” as its bigger cousins, would be released “later in November.”

Speculation – and when is even the most minor of Apple releases not preceded with flurries of speculation? – has begun to center on November 22 as a likely release date.

Apple tends to release new products on Fridays, giving them a full weekend to rack up sales while excitement is high.

Waiting a week later than the 22nd would have the Mini released on Black Friday, when it would face an avalanche of competition as virtually everyone in the electronics field will be offering post-Thanksgiving sales.

Also, Hanukkah is uncharacteristically early this year, beginning on November 27, the same day as Thanksgiving. To take full advantage of the holiday gift-buying season, Apple would want the new tablet on shelves before then.

Adding to the speculation, a product listing on Target’s website recently listed the release date for the iPad Mini as November 21, although that date appears to have since been removed.

Apple did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment for this story.

Whenever the iPad Mini arrives, supplies of the device may be limited at first. Early reports said the tablet would be delayed because of a shortage of its new, high-definition display screens.

More recently, it’s been reported that Apple has turned to rival Samsung for help cranking out the screens in time for a holiday rollout. Japan’s Nikkei (Google Translate version) reported that the Mini displays from the Korean tech company wouldn’t be available until next year, though.

Apple says the new Pad Mini will come in two colors: silver or space gray. Prices will range from $399 for a Wi-Fi-only, 16GB model to $829 for a 128GB model with cellular connectivity.