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CNN Student News - 11/1/13
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CNN Student News  — 

November 1, 2013

As the week ends and a new month begins, CNN Student News reports on stories from Syria to the U.S. to Portugal. We cover a change in when and how U.S. airline passengers will be allowed to use electronic devices, and we pay tribute to Major League Baseball’s newest champions. Plus, we explain what exactly we’re “falling back” to this weekend.

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Media Literacy Question of the Day:

Why do you think that some sports receive more media coverage than others?

Weekly Newsquiz: The following questions relate to events that were covered this week on CNN Student News. Write your answers in the space provided.

1. Which of these is not considered a vital sign: blood pressure, breathing, consciousness, or pulse?

2. What part of the U.S. government has oversight of presidential appointments through advice and consent?

3. What European city hosted an NFL game on October 27?

4. Who was the captain of the Queen Anne’s Revenge?

5. The U.S. stock market crash that contributed to the Great Depression occurred on October 29 of what year?

6. What Major League Baseball team won this year’s World Series?

7. Under what strait does a newly opened tunnel connect Europe to Asia?

8. What civil war-torn country is following an international agreement to destroy its chemical weapons?

9. What city is hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games?

10. In what year did the Soviet Union collapse, bringing the Cold War era to an end?

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North America


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