24 last-minute Halloween costumes for kids

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  • Make last-minute Halloween costumes from cupcake liners and coffee filters
  • Star-shaped stickers and colored tape can transform regular clothing
  • Never underestimate the power of felt and pipe cleaners on Halloween
October 31 seems to creep up on us every single year. Still set on treating Junior to that one-of-a-kind disguise? Frightened by the idea of making your own costume from scratch?
Don't be. Get into the spirit with creative ideas that can be pulled together with cupcake liners, coffee filters, and more household items.
Race car driver
He'll go from zero to race-ready in a jiffy by decorating an everyday track suit with a few strips of tape (get the how-tos).
Yellow duckling
Here's an idea that's sure to quack your little one up. A bunch of faux feathers and a pair of bright orange boots will have your lucky duckling ready to waddle around the 'hood. Get the how-tos here.
This ferocious guy will be terrorizing the neighbors—for an extra handful of candy, of course. Only a few supplies are needed to create this shark's tough skin. Is the suspense killing you? Get the how-tos here.
Think strawberry season is long gone? Think again. This sweet disguise starts with a ripe red shirt and a pair of matching leggings. Complete the fruity look with a stem made from felt, pipe cleaners, and more (get the how-tos).
A novel idea for the kid who always has his nose in the books. Pull the disguise together with felt, styrofoam balls, and more (get the how-tos). Wondering who's behind those oversized specs? This cute little dude (who you've probably spotted on his mom's blog joined our cast to show off his squiggly (and scholarly) style.
Wise owl
Whooo needs a last-minute costume idea? This night owl's getup starts with brown leggings and shirt and calls for cupcake liners, faux feathers, and more (get the how-tos).
Is everything really better down where it's wetter? Make a splash out of water with this easy-to-create costume that requires streamers, cupcake liners, and more (get the how-tos). Our little aquatic friend from nicolephoto.com emerged from under the sea to debut her loveliness on land.
Ice cream sundae
This costume calls for the works: vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup, chocolate fudge, and a cherry on top (get the how-tos). For super sundae cuteness, the littlest lady at Oh Joy! modeled this sweet disguise. (Cue the screams of delight.)
Fairy godmother
Once upon a time there was a mommy who wished a Halloween costume could be made with the wave of a wand. Wish granted. This easy and enchanted disguise requires a tutu, star-shaped stickers, and a few more magical accessories (get the how-tos).
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