Two suspected robbers dead in N.C. after shootout with police

Story highlights

  • Police say three men robbed a Pizza Hut in Wilmington, North Carolina
  • There was a shootout between the suspects and police
  • Two suspects died and a third is injured
A late-night robbery at a Wilmington, North Carolina, Pizza Hut ended with two suspects dead and one hospitalized, police said.
Three men forced a restaurant employee who was outside back inside at gunpoint and robbed those inside, police said.
Police were waiting for the suspects as they exited the Pizza Hut.
The suspects ignored commands from the officers, police say, and a shootout broke out.
All three suspects were injured; two died later at a hospital. Their names were not immediately released. No officers were injured.
Police were already monitoring area restaurants because of a recent spate of armed robberies.
Police did not immediately say whether the three suspects were linked to other robberies.