Brooklyn couple adopts rescued subway kittens

Story highlights

  • A Brooklyn couple is welcoming the two kittens into their home
  • Arthur and August are brothers from the same litter
  • The two kittens shut down the NYC subway in August
A married couple from Brooklyn Heights has adopted the four-month-old kittens, Arthur and August, who were previously being cared for at an animal foster home, according to Richard Gentles, spokesman for Animal Care & Control of NYC.
Katherine and Keith Lubeley are the proud new parents, and they say the kittens are adapting to their new home pretty quickly.
"They're adjusting to the spaciousness," Keith Lubeley said. "We've been introducing them room by room."
"One was a little underweight, and both kittens needed to be socialized," he explained.
The fearless felines shut down about six miles of track on two subway lines in Brooklyn after they were spotted wandering in the subway system on August 29. The New York Police Department sent officers to the scene for crowd control as trains stopped running for about 90 minutes.
According to the Animal Care & Control of NYC, Arthur, a tabby, and August, who has a solid black coat, are arguably the most famous kittens in New York City history, although not much is known about their origins.
"From what we can tell, they are brothers from the same litter," Keith Lubeley said. "They seem to be good partners and they are definitely playful."
Animal Care & Control of NYC received a lot of inquiries and applications from people to adopt the cats, Gentles told CNN.
But the Lubeleys "really impressed our adoption counselors," he said. "We are very, very happy."