Mariah Carey's back with a new song

Mariah Carey on 'Letting Go'
Mariah Carey on 'Letting Go'


    Mariah Carey on 'Letting Go'


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Story highlights

  • Mariah Carey is releasing a new song on November 11
  • She says "The Art of Letting Go" takes her back to her roots
  • Carey: I relate to this song on every level
Mariah Carey is back in action and ready to let go.
The singer is set to release a new single, "The Art of Letting Go," on November 11. She tells CNN in an interview that this is one track she can relate to "on every level."
"As a songwriter, I never like to be too totally specific, because I like people to be able to make it about their own life experiences," Carey said. "(But) there is an art to learning how to let go of things in your life, people in your life, things that are not good for you. Whatever the case may be."
At the moment, Carey's focused on letting go of the lingering pain from a recent injury. In July, the singer took a nasty fall on the set of a music video, dislocating her shoulder among other things.
"I fell off something very high, and I dislocated my shoulder, fractured my shoulder, (and) fractured the rib area," Carey said. "It just requires a lot of physical therapy, but I'm like 90 to 95 percent there."
For her new single, the star collaborated with producer Rodney Jerkins and created "The Art of Letting Go" through what Carey describes as an organic process. The result, she said, is a song that goes back to her roots.
"There's an emotion to it, as you listen to the song start to finish, that you can tell that it's me if it's anybody that's ever met me or been listening to music over however long. I was 2 when I started!
As she continues to recuperate, Carey is looking forward to getting back to her roots.
"There's an emotion to it, as you listen to the song start to finish, that you can tell that it's me," she said. "lt's about letting go of maybe something that's not right for you. But you just don't know how to make that final move and let go of it. Like it's not easy, it's something that you have to learn how to do, and I think we're all still learning."
"The Art of Letting Go" will be released on Carey's Facebook page.