Photos North Korea didn't want you to see

Updated 10:37 AM ET, Thu May 14, 2015
North Korea forbidden photo 2North Korea forbidden photo 2
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A stern looking North Korean guard by the Chinese border customs office. This image was deleted by North Korean officials. Johan Nylander/CNN
Writer Johan Nylander and his guide, Ko Chang Ho, watch as a North Korean guard deletes 90 photos deemed unacceptable. Nylander was able to recover the photos with the help of an IT specialist -- the images that follow are an edited selection. Photo courtesy of Alf Brodin
This propaganda monument of "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-Il by a countryside road, not far from the border to China, was deleted by authorities. North Korea required images of leaders be full body shots. Johan Nylander/CNN
People standing by the train track, while a guard is monitoring the bike race. Johan Nylander/CNN
In the city of Rason, people are leaning out of windows to get a glimpse of the Western cyclists. Johan Nylander/CNN
A woman and a man walking by the side of the road lined with cornfields. Johan Nylander/CNN
Villagers waving by the race path. Johan Nylander/CNN
Guards and custom officials by the border to China. Johan Nylander/CNN
By the border checkpoint next to the Tumen River, North Korean customs officials can play volleyball. Officials prohibited any photos of North Korean military bases. Johan Nylander/CNN
Peasants and villagers standing by the road to look at the Western cyclists Johan Nylander/CNN
Guard keeping an eye on the bikers next to a small village. Johan Nylander/CNN
Kids playing outside village houses. Johan Nylander/CNN
Spectators waiting for the bikers to reach the finish line. In the background the "Great" and "Dear Leaders" Kim Il Sung and his son, Kim Jong-Il. Johan Nylander/CNN
Huge crowds -- some of whom standing on their own bikes -- as they await cyclists by the race finish line in Rason. Johan Nylander/CNN
Custom official and tourist bureau guide checking foreigners' passports. Johan Nylander/CNN
Guides from the local tourist bureau handing out water bottles to bikers, monitored by a guard in the background. Johan Nylander/CNN
Journalist Johan Nylander and his North Korean guide, Ko Chang Ho. EDITOR'S NOTE: This image was not among those deleted by North Korean officials. Johan Nylander/CNN