Residential building collapses in India

Indian rescue workers search for victims from the rubble of a collapsed building in New Delhi on October 9, 2013.

Story highlights

  • An investigation is under way
  • Nearby construction work may have weakened the building
  • The building is one of several that have collapsed recently
At least one person was killed when a residential building collapsed in New Delhi on Wednesday, authorities said.
The four-story building in the northern part of the city was more than 50 years old, New Delhi's fire chief A.K. Sharma said.
Two people were hospitalized with injuries, he added.
Authorities say digging on an adjacent plot of land for a new apartment building could have weakened the building's foundation.
An inquiry has been ordered to determine the exact cause.
Not the first time
This crumbling building is one of many that have caused calamity recently. Another building collapsed in Mumbai on September 27, leaving at least 61 people dead. In April, scores of people were killed when an illegal multistory building collapsed in Thane, a city in the Mumbai region.
Housing rights groups say many old buildings in the city are rundown and neglected, while newer ones are often built using substandard materials and have structural problems.
In Mumbai, demand for housing far exceeds supply.