Samsung's curved Galaxy Round will be released in South Korea. It's unclear if it will later be available elsewhere.

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First result of Samsung's new flexible screen technology is on the new Galaxy Round

The phone has 5.7-inch curved display screen

The Round is only available in South Korea, at least for now

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So the rumors were true. Just a day after we reported on the implications of Samsung’s flexible display technology, we have images of the first fruits of its labors.

Announced in Korea today, Samsung’s Galaxy Round sports a 5.7” 1080p flexible display that’s mounted on a gentle curve along its short side. The latitudinal curve is contrary to the expectations that the curve would be along the long axis, so as to better conform to the face during conversations.

Never one to skimp on the features, Samsung is adding some new usage models, enabled by the curved design.

Dubbed “Roll Effect,” one technique makes use of the curve as a way to provide glanceable information by simply rolling one edge down when the Round is lying on its back. The time, notifications and other useful information fades into view and fades out when released.

Though not a member of the Note family, the Round does sport the Note 3’s internal hardware, complete with a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, and a 13MP camera.

Other interface tweaks are reportedly enabled by the design and revolve around rotating the device to either side. Samsung is no stranger to motion control in its interfaces, but it’s been met with varying success.

The aesthetics match the Note 3, as well and it has the same plastic faux-leather back. The in-hand feel is reportedly improved by the arc of the phone. No word on a US release, though it will be available to our South Korean readers through SK Telecom tomorrow for around 1.09 million won ( about $1014).

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