Rep. Paul Ryan steps into budget crisis with opinion piece that irritated conservatives

Story highlights

Paul Ryan has fallen out of the national spotlight since last year's GOP loss in presidential election

And the Wisconsin Republican House member has remained largely silent during budget crisis

But he now has dipped is toe into the controversy, writing an opinion piece that grabbed attention

Ryan offered ideas, called for negotiation but omitting GOP Obamacare demands was noticed

Washington CNN  — 

Remember Rep. Paul Ryan? The 2012 Republican vice presidential candidate? He’s still a member of Congress. He still represents Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional district. And he still sits atop of the House Budget Committee.

Ryan has fallen out of the national spotlight since the GOP election loss, and he has remained largely silent while Republicans and Democrats battle amid a federal shutdown over how to move forward on a government funding bill and raise the debt ceiling.

Ryan’s recent reticence is more noticeable because the prominent fiscal matters front and center now highlight his area of expertise. He is known in Congress as the budget wonk, the expert on federal government and spending. His colleagues look to him for guidance.

In recent years, he unveiled controversial budget blueprints that dramatically cut spending and altered entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare. His budgets, titled “Path to Prosperity,” became the defining documents for Republican fiscal policy.