Long Island pumpkin poaching still unsolved

Some Grinch stole Halloween in Long Island.
About 600 pumpkins -- valued at $4,200 -- were stolen from Rottkamp's Farm in Calverton, New York, police said Saturday.
Although there are no direct leads in the heist, which occurred late Sunday or early Monday, Detective Timothy Hubbard of the Riverhead Police Department said he suspects this is too large a bundle for personal use. It might be another farmer looking to sell these at another pumpkin stand, he said.
Hubbard said someone might have backed up a truck to make off with the pile of pumpkins in the rural area.
"Most of the farmers out here are hardworking and honest, but someone who has a need to sell pumpkins is looking to make some money," Hubbard said.
CNN's calls to Rottkamp's Farm were not returned.