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Witness: 'I saw a man sitting in flames'

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Man spotted on fire near famous museum on National Mall

Passers-by attempted to put out the flames

He's in critical condition

Washington CNN —  

Law enforcement and medical personnel rushed to Washington’s National Mall on Friday afternoon to assist a man who reportedly set himself on fire.

The man was taken to a hospital Friday night after officers rushed to the scene and found the man engulfed in flames.

Officers rushed to scene after receiving a 911 call and found the man engulfed in flames, according to Smith.

Office Hugh Carew, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department, said police will investigate whether the injured man intentionally set himself on fire.

Adam Stifel saw part of the incident while he was jogging.

“I saw a man sitting in flames,” Stifel told CNN. “He had already doused himself in gasoline, I believe.”

Stifel said five or six people used their shirts to pat out the fire. He said he saw a red gasoline canister near the man.

The incident occurred near the National Air and Space Museum.

No information was available on the man’s identity or whether he was part of a protest group.

The location where the man was found on fire is about six blocks from the U.S. Capitol, where a high speed car chase on Thursday ended with a woman being shot and killed by law enforcement officers.

CNN’s Brian Todd and Skip Nocciolo contributed to this report.