AEG not liable in Michael Jackson’s death, jury finds


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NEW: Jackson family says the truth was found, it is considering legal options

The jury said AEG had hired Dr. Conrad Murray but was not liable for Jackson's death

Juror says they believed Murray was capable, but not ethical

AEG CEO says Jackson was friend, but his company wasn't part of 'tragic death'

Los Angeles CNN —  

A Los Angeles jury decided Wednesday that AEG Live hired Dr. Conrad Murray, but also concluded that the concert promoter was not liable for Michael Jackson’s drug overdose death.

The jury decided that Murray was competent, so even though AEG Live hired him, it was not liable for Jackson’s death and didn’t owe the Jackson family millions of dollars in compensation.

“I counted Michael Jackson a creative partner and a friend,” the company’s CEO Randy Phillips said. “We lost one of the world’s greatest musical geniuses, but I am relieved and deeply grateful that the jury recognized that neither I, nor anyone else at AEG Live, played any part in Michael’s tragic death.”

The verdict brings the five-month-long trial to a close.