Meet the Archies

Updated 5:00 PM ET, Sun December 8, 2013
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Archie Andrews, eternal teenager, is the central character in a comic that kicked off in 1942 and was set in the mythical Riverdale, where nothing too upsetting happens. Fans have followed along since then as Archie and his Riverdale High friends, including two best gal pals, Veronica, left, and Betty -- shown here in the 1990s -- get into wacky adventures, share sodas and even evolve with the times somewhat (the strip added racial diversity and a gay character in a recent years). Courtesy Archie Comic Publications
Of course, things could get tense, even in Riverdale, as Archie bumbled through his love troubles with the kind blonde next door, Betty Cooper, who couldn't catch a break against the dark-haired rich girl, Veronica Lodge. Archie's letter sweater and the girls' retro skirts in this '60s-era version would soon give way to more groovy looks -- with Betty and Veronica sporting tight pants and miniskirts. Courtesy Archie Comic Publications
Betty, a nice, smart girl with the hots for Archie, and Veronica, a wealthy, conceited teen who will happily throw Archie aside when a hunkier guy comes along are, improbably, best friends anyway. Over the years the two have been drawn as fashion plates who change with the times -- from swing skirts to hot pants to preppie duds. But their rivalry over Archie is unchanging. Courtesy Archie Comic Publications
Jughead Jones is Archie's best friend and partner in tomfoolery, a slug of a guy whose character is built mainly around his voracious consumption of food. He's not the ladies' man that Archie tries to be, but he loves his big dog Hot Dog, likes to draw, is surprisingly smart and in later comics takes up skateboarding and video games. Courtesy Archie Comic Publications