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The family of a man killed while running from police files a complaint

They say a medical examiner's findings were "seemingly illogical conclusions"

The medical examiner ruled that the death was accidental

Video appears to show the moment when the police car runs over the man

(CNN) —  

The family of a Florida man who was run over by a police car has filed a complaint against the medical examiner who ruled his death accidental.

Marlon Brown was killed on May 8. He had been chased by police after they allegedly saw him driving while not wearing a seat belt. Brown ultimately got out of his car and started running, and the police car’s dashcam video captured the moment when Brown disappeared under the vehicle.

But the chief medical examiner for Volusia and Seminole counties, Dr. Marie Herrmann, concluded that “there was no evidence (Brown) was struck by the vehicle” and ruled the death accidental.

Victim’s family releases graphic video of his death

On Friday, Krystal Brown, the ex-wife of Marlon Brown and the mother of his children, filed a complaint with the Florida Medical Examiner’s Commission.

Brown’s autopsy was conducted by a medical examiner who works under Herrmann, but who left the agency before the autopsy conclusions were completed, the complaint says.

The autopsy report states that Brown “slipped and fell and then the police car came to a stop on top of him,” the complaint says.

It calls Herrmann’s findings “seemingly illogical conclusions.”

The letter asks the board to investigate whether Herrmann violated any professional or ethical regulations.

The complaint alleges that the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy concluded that the cause of death was homicide, but Herrmann ordered him to leave it pending and she later wrote the conclusions herself.

A grand jury this month decided not to indict former officer James Harris on a criminal charge of vehicular manslaughter. Harris was fired after the incident.

In an attempt to pressure authorities to bring charges, the family released a copy of the dashcam video that shows Brown’s death.

CNN’s Kim Segal contributed to this report.