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BlackBerry: From cool to afterthought

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Ronen Halevy is an information-security specialist who has owned a BlackBerry since 2005

Despite the rise of flashier rival phones, he prefers BlackBerry's efficiency at e-mail

Halevy: "BlackBerry puts my security first"

Editor’s Note: Ronen Halevy is founder and editor of BerryReview.com and has been covering BlackBerry and the mobile space since 2007. He is an avid technologist with experience in information security and enterprise IT and is usually active on Twitter.

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My BlackBerry is my lifeline.

My love story began with the 7290 model in 2005. With its blinking red notifications and QWERTY keyboard, it turned heads with intuitive and secure communication offered in an indestructible package.

Since then, I have not missed an upgrade as the BlackBerry brand defined what we now call the smartphone market.

Ronen Halevy
From Ronen Halevy
Ronen Halevy

It seems like only yesterday that I was riding the subway, surrounded by Type A New Yorkers punching away at their BlackBerrys. A constant companion for executives, the device was a status symbol.

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But the years since have brought a string of disappointments for hyperconnected BlackBerry users like me, as the company tried dating out of its league. It lost focus on what made me fall for my CrackBerry in the first place.

You see, BlackBerry was trying to be something it wasn’t. BlackBerry was the reliable but unassuming Volvo of smartphones. When it tried to compete head-on with the flashier Corvette, it began to unravel.

Over the years, as each of my friends moved to iPhone or Android, I noticed that they no longer replied from their mobiles because it was a chore. This is a symptom of platforms that put content consumption over creation. In other words, those phones were fine for reading blogs or watching video, but they were not so good at sending e-mails.