What’s Ted Cruz’s deal?


Story highlights

Ted Cruz does not play by Senate rules, irritating traditionalists on both sides of the aisle

Unapologetic, Cruz says he was elected to do a job that includes shrinking government

Cruz ups ante in battle to derail Obamacare, but will he chart new course or stumble?

Latest crusade that threatens gov't shutdown frustrates many -- including some in his own party

Washington CNN —  

Ted Cruz says he wasn’t elected to the Senate to stay quiet. And his refusal upon entering Congress to observe its protocol to sit back and learn like a freshman, as expected, rubbed some of his more senior colleagues the wrong way.

And while he has angered much of his party over his crusade against President Barack Obama’s health care law and the potential government shutdown it could cause, Cruz says he’s standing for the same principles that got him elected.

On Tuesday, he took that edict to the Senate floor in support of his plan to defund Obamacare, saying he would speak “until I am no longer able to stand.”

But his marathon appearance will not do anything to block Obamacare funding with a key procedural vote on the issue still scheduled for Wednesday. Instead, Cruz said his speech was to simply “make D.C. listen.”