Past Emmys hosts show up to help Neil Patrick Harris

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The Emmys opening included a bit with past hosts

They showed up to "advise" this year's host, Neil Patrick Harris

From the audience, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler try to get him to disrobe

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It’s almost like they read our minds!

Part of the opening of Sunday night’s 65th Primetime Emmys was a mash-up of some former hosts who came to offer “advice” to this year’s host, Neil Patrick Harris. It was our best/worst hosts gallery come to life!

Last year’s host, Jimmy Kimmel, popped up first warning Harris that he should enjoy the experience and take it all in because “there’s a good chance they won’t ask you back next year.”

Jane Lynch then appeared on stage to complain that she hadn’t been asked back because she was a woman.

“Come on Jane, I don’t think anyone that watched you host that night thought of you as a woman,” Harris said.

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Jimmy Fallon broke into a tap dance routine as he offered up that Harris should do a little song and dance routine like he did hosting the Tony Awards. “That is far too gay,” Harris responded.

He reminded them all that he had actually hosted the Emmys before any of them. But not before Conan O’Brien who appeared to lament “I hosted the Emmys before all of you. Back when it meant something!”

“Back then, an Emmy broadcast was watched by over 900 billion people,” O’Brien joked. “There was no ‘Honey Bee Boo.’ “

But the best was yet to come.

“House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey goes into character to let the audience know that “it’s all going according to plan.” He mentions the “cherry on the proverbial sundae” right before 2013 Golden Globes host Amy Poehler and Tina Fey start heckling Harris from the audience.

“Take your pants off and twerk it,” Fey advises. “I come to awards shows for the twerking!”

Sadly, there was none of that as Harris said “that would be degrading.”

“Yeah, it would be degrading, but we would be ‘de-grateful,’” Poehler joked.

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