2013 Emmys: Will Facebook chatter predict winners?

Story highlights

  • "Breaking Bad" entering final episodes; AMC show will air Sunday alongside Emmys
  • If Facebook activity alone determined drama winner, "Breaking Bad" would win
  • Charts of demographic data show sharp differences by gender, age
  • What will happen at the Emmys? Read CNN's picks, share your thoughts
Facebook is abuzz with talk about "Breaking Bad."
The social-networking site has just started surfacing the data about what users are mentioning in public Facebook posts, and CNN producers noticed that "Breaking Bad" came up as a popular subject among Facebook's community over a given 24-hour period.
The AMC show, about a cancer-stricken science teacher's misadventures as a meth-cooking mogul, is a crowd-pleaser. It just came off of a buzzed-about episode titled "Ozymandias," and its finale airs September 29.
Coincidentally (or not?), it also comes up as a favorite for best drama series in CNN's predictions for the Emmy winners.
Of course, timing is very much the key here. Other shows have generated significant conversation in the past few months. The most recent season of "Downton Abbey" had a shocking ending that drew much attention on social media. But "Breaking Bad" seems to be a fan favorite at the Emmys, and many people will be hoping for it to win.
Click through the gallery above to see charts about the Facebook users. Remember, it's a set of data, not a study.
Although not a scientifically verifiable indicator in any way, Facebook chatter gives a glimpse into what real people are actually talking about. Facebook is one of the places people go to discuss their lunches, puppies, politics and, yes, the TV shows they love (or love to hate).
There are clear age and gender differences in the Facebook mentions.
PBS' "Downton Abbey," for example, was talked about mostly by women, while "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men" had a majority of its mentions coming from men. Some shows like "Game of Thrones" and "Homeland" are more evenly divided.
The ages also vary. "Downton Abbey" and "House of Cards" mentions seem to have been made by an older group of Facebook users than the other shows.
A lot is up in the air, but it's almost certain that channel-flippers will be keeping plenty busy. The Emmy Awards and "Breaking Bad" both air Sunday night.
Can Facebook posts help predict the winners? We'll find out on Sunday, and surprises are always a possibility, but looking at the posts and at CNN's expert picks is perhaps one more way to get a leg up on those prediction ballots.