8 apps that make health care a breeze

Updated 9:04 AM ET, Wed September 18, 2013
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There's a sword-swallowing app, a ghost translator app and, of course, the classic BroStache app. But beyond these entertaining, albeit useless, apps, there are few saving graces in the mobile realm: apps that could actually save your life. Click through the gallery to see eight great ways to personalize and manage your health care needs.

By Samantha Reichman, CNN
HealthKeep offers access to a completely anonymous, highly personalized patient-to-patient network. Users can post and respond to experiences, and engage in discussions with medical experts. Rather than a forum style, HealthKeep uses a live stream resembling a Facebook News Feed that is tailored to each profile and updates in real time. (App launching this month, From HealthKeep
Everyday First Aid LITE helps users quickly find answers to pressing medical questions about CPR, choking and allergic reactions, with or without an Internet connection. All of the information is up-to-date and is aggregated from the American Red Cross and other health organizations. (Available on iTunes) From Every Day First Aid
MedHelper lets users track a family's worth of doctors appointments and prescriptions simultaneously. This app organizes medication and treatment information, and automatically reminds users to take pills on time. (iPhone, iPad, Android) From MedHelper
ZocDoc allows users to book doctors appointments based on basic criteria such as zip code, insurance info and doctors' ratings. It's a quick, easy way to directly book some one-on-one time with a physician. (iPhone, iPad, Android, From ZocDoc
WebMD Mobile provides access to the site's Symptom Checker, information on drugs and treatments, local health listings and more. The app also allows access to first aid information regardless of a wireless connection. (iPhone, iPad, Android, WebMD
HealthTap is a mobile health care Q&A platform. Users can submit their questions and get answers from more than 40,000 verified, licensed physicians in the HealthTap Medical Expert Network, as well as view other users' answers while remaining completely anonymous. (iPhone, iPad, Android, From HealthTap
PokitDok (pronounced "pocket doc") is designed to help patients find the best available local health care provider, based on reviews and prices. Patients can request a service and quote from a doctor before visiting the office. (iPhone, iPad, From PokitDok
Healthcare BlueBook helps patients find out what medical and dental care should cost. Users can find fairly priced health care services in their area and even print a "binding price estimate" agreement to hold providers to their word. (iPhone, iPad, Android, From Healthcare BlueBook