How Galaxy Gear stacks up to other smartwatches

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Samsung's new Galaxy Gear joins an increasingly crowded smartwatch market

Here's how the Gear stacks up against the Pebble watch and other rivals

Smartwatches are also rumored to be coming from Apple, Google and Microsoft

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It’s tricky business comparing the handful of smartwatches that been publicly unveiled so far – an early wave in the growing flood of wearable tech products.

The market is still defining what qualifies as a smartwatch, and the features available so far vary broadly from device to device.

Samsung made the biggest splash so far Wednesday when it rolled out its Galaxy Gear, a souped-up watch with a simple camera, some decent storage space, voice controls and a single-core processor.

But it lacks integration with Facebook and Twitter – basic functions already adopted by some of its simpler competitors.

And, if truth be told, some of the stars are still waiting in the wings. Apple, Google and Microsoft – arguably the heftiest triumvirate in the tech world -- are all expected to hit the market soon with their own smartwatches.

For now, here’s a comparison of the leading connected wrist adornments for sale to tech fashionistas and early adopters. Expect this list to grow quickly as the weeks go on.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Display: 1.63 inches

Price: $299

Battery life: About one day

Compatibility: New Samsung Galaxy devices, eventually older ones

Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Camera: 1.9 megapixel camera, 720p video recording

Other: 4GB storage, 800 MHz single-core processor, gyroscope and accelerometer

Availability: Late September worldwide, early October in U.S. and Japan


Display: 1.26 inches

Price: $150

Battery life: 7+ days (additional 10-15% on phone battery)

Compatibility: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 or any iPod Touch with iOS 5 or iOS 6. Android devices

Connection: Bluetooth 2.0, 4.0

Camera: No

Other: Accelerometer, magnetometer, water-resistant

Availability: For sale now

Motorola MotoActv

Display: 1.6 inches

Price: $149 for 8GB version

Battery life: 20 hours active indoors, 9 outside

Compatibility: Android phones

Connection: Bluetooth 1.5 or higher

Camera: No

Other: Optimized for exercise, it has GPS tracking, Google Maps integration, is water resistant

Availability: For sale now

Sony SmartWatch 2

Display: 1.6 inches

Price: $262

Battery life: 3-4 days

Compatibility: Most Android phones

Connection: NFC and Bluetooth 3.0

Camera: No

Other: Display that’s readable in sunlight, hundreds of apps available

Availability: Available “soon”

Qualcomm Toq

Display: 1.55 inches

Price: Around $300

Battery life: TBA

Compatibility: Android phones

Connection: Bluetooth

Camera: No

Other: Mirasol display, similar to e-ink

Availability: In limited numbers in mid-October