Iconic image of 9/11 flag raising

Updated 10:43 AM ET, Tue September 27, 2016
911 firefighters flag RESTRICTED911 firefighters flag RESTRICTED
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Firefighters George Johnson, Dan McWilliams and Billy Eisengrein raise a flag at ground zero in New York after the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. The scene was immortalized by photographer Thomas E. Franklin. The image has been widely reproduced in the decade since it was first published. View 25 of history's most iconic photographs. Thomas E. Franklin/The Record/Getty Images
The now-famous photograph was never featured on the front page of The Record, the newspaper Franklin works for in Bergen County, New Jersey. The photo appeared on page 32 on September 12, 2001. courtesy The Record
On September 13, 2001, the front page of Britain's "The Sun" draws the comparison between the image at the World Trade Center and Joe Rosenthal's 1945 photograph of U.S. troops raising a flag in Iwo Jima during World War II. Venice Bureau/ZumaPress
Newsweek features Franklin's photo on its cover on September 24, 2001. Newsweek
Firemen re-create the flag raising during the 2001 World Series in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 27, 2001. Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Image
A firetruck that features a mural depicting a firefighter raising the flag is unveiled to the public in Clintonville, Wisconsin, on January 20, 2002. The truck was donated to the New York Fire Department. Chip Manthey/The Shawano Leader/AP
The scene captured by Franklin also made its way onto a commemorative coin. Mark Hill/CNN
Artist Jim Conrad designed a sculptured bronze version of the flag raising in honor of the Rev. Mychal Judge, a New York Fire Department chaplain who lost his life while administering last rites on September 11, 2001. Conrad is seen polishing the sculpture in 2002 at his home in Lakewood, Colorado. Barry Staver/The Denver Post/Getty Images
President George W. Bush unveils a "Heroes of 2001" stamp issued by the Postal Service on March 11, 2002, to raise funds to assist the families of emergency relief workers killed or permanently disabled as a result of the World Trade Center attacks. He is joined at the White House by the firefighters who are featured in the image, from left, Eisengrein, Johnson and McWilliams. Stephen Jaffe/AFP/Getty Images
The stamp is displayed at a ceremony outside of the Brooklyn Borough Hall in New York on July 2, 2002. From left, Brooklyn Postmaster Joseph Lubrano, Borough President Marty Markowitz and Harold Meyers of the New York City Fire Department were in attendance. Todd Maisel/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images
NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray decorated the hood of his car with a replica of the "Heroes of 2001" stamp. A crew member helps ready the car at the Daytona International Speedway in 2002. Terry Renna/AP
The image can also be found on T-shirts, like this one worn by Venita Bradford at a memorial service in Energy, Illinois, on September 11, 2002. Ceasar Maragni/Southern Illinoisian/AP
A version of the photograph appears on a commemorative knife. Mark Hill/CNN
A snow globe owned by collector Josef Kardinal depicts the flag raising at ground zero. He is seen in 2006 at his home in Nuremberg, Germany. Tim Schamberger/AFP/Getty Images
A 40-foot-tall bronze monument named "To Lift a Nation" depicts the famous scene. Pictured at a warehouse in 2007, the sculpture is now part of the permanent collection at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Fred Hayes/AP
A woman holds a commemorative plate at her home in San Salvador, El Salvador, on September 7, 2011. Luis Romero/AP
The iconic image has also been turned into a pair of earrings. Mark Hill/CNN
Wax figures of the firefighters are displayed during the "HOPE: Humanity And Heroism" exhibition at Madame Tussauds in Washington on May 10, 2013. Kris Connor/Getty Images
Photographer Thomas E. Franklin sits at his work station in Hackensack, New Jersey, in 2002. Mike Derer/AP