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Lightning strike kills 1, injures 2
01:08 - Source: WSVN

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The lightning hit as the men washed a tractor trailer

Lightning strikes caused 28 deaths in the U.S. last year

"It happens a lot more than people realize," Dr. Gupta says

CNN  — 

A lightning strike in metropolitan Miami Monday afternoon killed a man and injured two of his friends, police said.

Andres Telles, 31, and his friends, Fidelmar Montero and Miguel Lopez, were pressure-washing a tractor-trailer rig when the lightning bolt hit.

“We went outside, and all three of them were on the ground,” Janet Suarez told CNN affiliate WSVN.

Suzrez and her son administered CPR, but couldn’t save Telles, she said.

The injured men, Montero and Lopez, were taken to a local hospital and are listed in stable condition, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

It was unclear how close the men were to the spot where lightning struck.

“We’re still investigating whether the individuals were directly struck by the lightning or the lightning struck the ground nearby,” Det. Robin Pinkard told WSVN.

Lightning strikes caused 28 deaths in 2012 and 21 so far this year, the National Weather Service said.

“One in 3,000 people has a chance of being hit by lightning (in a lifetime),” said CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “Thankfully, very few people die, but it happens a lot more than people realize.”

Last month, two farmers died and three others were injured in Buckeye, Kentucky when lightning struck a barn.

Also last month, a lightning strike from a fast-moving storm in Colorado injured 12 soldiers who were training.

And while weather experts say that the best place to be in a lightning strike is indoors, that advice didn’t work for two women in Houma, Louisiana.

They were struck three weeks apart – one in a grocery store in July, and another in her home in May.