Look at these baby pandas!

Updated 4:46 PM ET, Thu August 29, 2013
panda ig blanketpanda ig blanket
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It's a panda in a blanket! Panda "A" has darker markings and a narrower band. That's one way the zoo can tell the twins apart. Instagram/Alina Machado
The twins hang out in a rare moment together. One is usually with mom. She can only care for one at a time, so they switch every four hours. Instagram/Alina Machado
The panda nursery is a "bio secure zone." Even the tripod got booties.
Panda "A" gets weighed. He's the more vocal of the two brothers, making purring noises like a cat at one point.
Panda "A" gets measured. Instagram/Alina
Guests to the zoo can expect to see the pandas in person this fall. Instagram/John Murgatroyd
Panda "A" snoozes away after his exam. The cubs are kept at about 78 degrees inside the incubator when not with their mother, much lower than the 98 degrees they were kept in when they were first born. Instagram/Alina Machado
This was as close as CNN could get to the little guy once the exam was finished. Machado asked if she could hold him but the staff said no. Instagram/Alina Machado
Look! It's a panda getting petted. Instagram/John Murgatroyd
Dad Yang Yang is alone, away from mom and babies.