A-Rod in Liars Hall of Fame?


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Terence Moore: As he faces suspension, A-Rod plays martyr besieged by forces out to get him

He says don't buy it. It's denial common to fallen sports stars, from Pete Rose to Armstrong

He says in Liars Hall of Fame, first come accusations, then denial, and confession. Why?

Moore: Lying sports stars can't accept fall; think if they repeat lie enough, it'll be true. Don't buy it

Editor’s Note: Terence Moore has been a sports columnist of more than three decades. He has worked for the Cincinnati Enquirer, the San Francisco Examiner, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and AOL Sports. Follow him on Twitter

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Whenever Alex Rodriguez — or his DMs (designated mouthpieces) – discuss the evil ways of his haters these days, it sounds believable. To hear the DMs for the man they call “A-Rod” tell it, Rodriguez’s bosses on the New York Yankees are out to get him, and the same goes for the entire establishment of Major League Baseball. I mean, Team A-Rod would swear on a stack of trading cards that the world is forcing this guy to struggle up a hill with a cross made of old Louisville Sluggers.

Poor thing.

I’m not buying any of this, by the way, and neither should you. It doesn’t matter that the tongues for those on Team A-Rod are as smooth as Rodriguez’s hitting once was while he was evolving into the most prolific slugger of his time, before a five-year slide to ordinary or less.

Terence Moore
Terence Moore

Denial, denial, denial. Not about Rodriguez’s likely use of performance-enhancing drugs within the last few years (he has admitted that he used them when he played for the Texas Rangers from 2001-2003). Team A-Rod has moved around that subject on its tippy toes. They mostly issue denials that Rodriguez isn’t into misleading baseball officials, the Yankees, his teammates, fans and even his absolutely pristine self about anything at any time.