Texting the bear facts: Mom, he's on the patio, catching a nap!

Bear found napping in Florida home
Bear found napping in Florida home


    Bear found napping in Florida home


Bear found napping in Florida home 01:20

Story highlights

  • Bears are not uncommon in the area, homeowner says
  • But this was the closest one has ever come to this family
  • Close, as in napping on the patio
  • "Not joking," 7-year-old texts mom, "He's sleeping"
A Florida family got into a hairy situation recently when a black bear decided to take a hour-long snooze on their lanai.
The MacDonough children were at their Naples home with the babysitter while mom Alice had just gone out for lunch, when the furry creature lumbered up to the enclosed patio, and settled in for some shuteye.
Ordering the children to get down on hands and knees (all four paws?) the babysitter had them crawl to a back bedroom and hide out, with 7-year-old Mason MacDonough furiously texting his mom about the unbearable situation.
"Mom!! there's a bear in the lana not outside inside our porch help"
Texts from the family that found the bear napping in their home in Florida.
"not jokin"
"Next too couch outside help!!!"
"He's sleeping"
"Sleeping that's right"
"The bear sleeping in the Lana"
"Inside the Lana"
"Sleeping omg"
"What do we do"
Eventually, the bear answered the question, rousing itself and lumbering off while children and babysitter waited.
According to Alice MacDonough, the family has lived at their home for 10 years, and plenty of bears have been spotted in their backyard, but this was the closest one had ever come. Mason told CNN affiliate WBBH, "I couldn't believe my eyes -- it was so big."
MacDonough told CNN she thinks she knows what the bear is coming for, and it's not honey. Pizza and Chinese takeout were snatched from her neighbor's home just the other day, leaving the fruits and veggies behind.
A capture trap was set for the bear by state wildlife officers, but MacDonough hopes the bear stays away for its own good, and finds somewhere else to hunker down.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials told CNN affiliate WBBH that the MacDonough family did everything right by keeping garbage and pet food inside, and they think the bear was just looking for a dry spot for that nap.