Photos: Egypt protests

Updated 2:47 PM ET, Tue January 21, 2014
egypt unrest january 2014egypt unrest january 2014
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Protesters and Egyptian riot police clash in Cairo on January 17, as the country awaits the results of a constitutional referendum. On January 18, the electoral commission announced the constitution had overwhelmingly been approved. Ahmed Gamel/AFP/Getty Images
An Egyptian youth holds up his national flag outside a polling station in Cairo on January 14, day one of a two-day vote on a new constitution. Mahmoud Khaled/AFP/Getty Images
On December 25, 2013, The Egyptian interim government declared the Mohammed Morsy-led Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. The action was taken in response to a police station bombing in Mansoura, which the government has stated was the responsibility of the Brotherhood, despite denials from the group itself. Getty Images
Cairo University's students backing ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsy flash the four-finger sign during a demonstration against July's military "coup " in Tahrir square on December 1, 2013. The four-finger sign has become associated with a government crackdown on pro-Morsy supporters in Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya square on August 14. AFP/Getty Images
Egyptian women members of the Muslim Brotherhood hold roses as they stand in the defendants' cage dressed in prison issue white during their trial in at the court in the Egyptian Mediterranean city of Alexandria on December 7, 2013. Stringer/AFP/Getty Images
Egyptian protesters use flare lights at Talaat Harb Square in downtown Cairo on November 26, 2013 during a clash with police after the security forces dispersed protesters from a demonstration organized by human rights group "No Military Trials for Civilians" in the first unauthorized protest staged in the capital since the adoption of a law that regulates demonstrations. AFP/Getty Images
A soldier sets up barbed wire in anticipation of protesters outside the constitutional court in Cairo on Sunday, August 18, 2013. During the previous week about 900 people -- security forces as well as citizens -- had been killed. Deaths occurred when the military used force to clear supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsy from two sit-in sites in Cairo, and violence raged after Morsy supporters staged demonstrations. Amina Ismail/MCT/Getty Images
Friends and relatives of Ammar Badie, 38, killed during clashes in Ramses Square, carry his coffin during his funeral in Al-Hamed mosque in Cairo on August 18, 2013. Ammar Badie was the son of the Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader, Mohammed Badie. Manu Brabo/AP
Wreckage and debris litter the area around the Al-Fateh mosque in Cairo, where hundreds of Islamist protesters had barricaded themselves on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Thousands defied an emergency order by taking to the streets the day before to mark a "Friday of anger" in support of ousted president Mohamed Morsy. Amina Ismail/MCT/Getty Images
Policemen stand guard inside a room of Al-Fateh mosque as supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsy exchange gunfire with security forces inside the mosque in Cairo on Saturday, August 17, 2013. MUHAMMAD HAMED/Reuters /Landov
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsy supporters flee shooting near Ramses Square in Cairo on August 16, 2013. Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuter/Landov
Egyptian soldiers take positions alongside armored vehicles as they guard the entrance to Tahrir Square in Cairo on Friday, August 16, 2013. Hassan Ammar/AP
A man on checks out a list of names of those killed in the crackdown on, on August 15, 2013. Ed Giles/Getty Images
A man walks inside the burned-out Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo on August 15, 2013. AHMED HAYMAN/EPA/LANDOV
Mohamed Morsy masks are displayed for sale at the base for supporters of the ousted president on July 12, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. The country has been in a state of political paralysis following the ousting of former president and Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsy by the military. AFP/Getty Images
Two veiled Egyptian women, supporters of Mohamed Morsy, sit in front of police standing behind barbed wire fencing that blocks the access to the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Cairo on July 8, 2013. AFP/Getty Images
A woman tries to stop a military bulldozer from hurting a wounded youth during clashes on August 14, 2013, in eastern Cairo. MOHAMMED ABDEL MONEIM/AFP/Getty Images
Supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsy run as Egyptian security forces fire toward them on August 14, 2013. Manu Brabo/AP Photo
The national identity cards of protesters allegedly killed during a clear-out operation by Egyptian security forces on pro-Morsy demonstrators are exchanged at the Rabaa al-Adawiya Medical Center on August 14, 2013. Ed Giles/Getty Images
Egyptian security forces detain protesters in Cairo's Nasr City district on August 14, 2013. Ahmed Gomaa/AP