The world's weirdest food festivals

Updated 10:32 PM ET, Wed July 30, 2014
North Carolina BugfestNorth Carolina Bugfest
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A one-day insect festival sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Bugfest attracts 25,000 visitors a year and serves up a range of creepy, crawly dishes. This year's festival theme is scorpions. WRAL.COM
In a bid to woo tourists, Thailand's Lopburi province started up the annual Monkey Buffet Festival. Last year, more than 4,400 pounds of fruit and vegetables (and the odd soda) was served up to the region's primates. Pornchai Kittiwongsakul/AFP/Getty Images
At the Räbechilbi Turnip Festival in Switzerland, locals create elaborate floats using 40 tons of hallowed out turnips. Creations include replicas of ships, animals and pop divas. OK Räbechilbi Richterswil
Brits observe the first day of Lent with Pancake Day, and often celebrate the occasion with pancake races. Each year, members from the British houses of Parliament host their own race to raise awareness for charity. Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images
Mashed Potato wrestling is one of the most popular activities at Potato Days, a two-day celebration of the humble spud that takes place in Barnesville, Minnesota. Potato Days Festival
Octoberfest, Munich's ode to beer, may be the largest food and drink festival in the world. The 16-day event attracts upwards of six million visitors each year. Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images
Abbeville, Louisiana celebrates its French roots with the Giant Omelette Celebration, a tradition imported from Bessieres, France. The festival supposedly originates from when Napolean stopped through the town and ordered the villagers use every egg to feed his army. Abbeville Giant Omelette Celebration
Visitors to West Virginia's Roadkill Cook-off can sample a range of exotic animal dishes (many freshly peeled off the road). Last year's winners of the cook-off (pictured) won with a dish called Stuffed Bear-Ron-A-Soar-Us. Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce
Hawaii is the U.S.'s largest consumer of Spam. To celebrate the pink meat, the city of Waikiki hosts the annual Spam Jam -- a celebration of all things Spam-related. The mascot, Spammy, entertains the kids. Waikiki Spam Jam
Each year, hordes of competitors join in the annual Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling, and race an eight-pound Double Gloucester cheese down a steep hill. It is not uncommon for the day to end in an ambulance ride. Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images