'Love Boat's' last voyage ends in tragedy

After the popular TV show ended, "The Love Boat" vessel was renamed and went on tours on the Mediterranean Sea.

Story highlights

  • Two people reportedly die from exposure to toxic gas on ship featured on "Love Boat"
  • Turkish authorities are investigating
  • The ship is set to be dismantled after Turkish company bought it
  • The ship was used on "The Love Boat" series from 1977 to 1987
Two people were killed over the weekend when they were exposed to toxic gases on the ship once used for the ABC television series "The Love Boat," according to the company that recently bought the vessel.
The ship, which had just completed its final voyage and was scheduled to be dismantled, was damaged while entering the port of Aliaga in Turkey's Izmir province and began taking on water in a storage area under the main engine.
Crews on Saturday began work to drain the water, deploying electrical pumps. Engine-exhaust buildup led to the toxic exposure, according to Izmir Ship Recycling Co., the firm that recently purchased the ship for 2.5 million euros (about $3.33 million).
Six other people were injured and were released from the hospital after receiving treatment, according to Izmir Ship Recycling.
The Aliaga attorney general's office has launched an investigation, but investigators haven't been able to reach the accident site. Izmir Ship Recycling has to finish removing water and turn the ship off its side so authorities can continue the probe.
The boat's original name was Pacific Princess. It is 171 meters (about 560 feet) long and 24 meters (about 78 feet) wide.
The ship was used in the ABC series between 1977 and 1987. Once retired from the series, the vessel was renamed Pacific and was used for Mediterranean Sea tours.
Dismantling of the ship is expected to take between seven and eight months.