The big-name smartphones

Updated 10:53 AM ET, Fri October 3, 2014
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BlackBerry on Wednesday unveiled its newest smartphone with a full physical keyboard and a large screen, aiming to return to its roots targeting business users. The Passport is designed to win back users after BlackBerry was knocked out of the highly competitive consumer smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung. Here's a look at some other top smartphones on the market now or coming soon. CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images
Amazon's Fire Phone, which was released this summer, has a 5-inch screen that displays 3-D images. A feature called Firefly offers instant image, text and audio recognition and reportedly can recognize more than 100 million songs, videos and consumer products. From Amazon
The Galaxy S5 is the latest in Samsung's line of big-screen, feature-laden phones. Considered an improvement, but not radical departure from, the S4, the phone features a 5.1-inch screen, 16-megapixel camera with ultra-fast shutter speed and a fingerprint sensor for added security. courtesy samsung
Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled two new iPhones early this fall. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are bigger, rounder and faster and feature an 8 megapixel camera that comes with a new sensor that Apple claims will help the camera focus faster. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Hailed by some critics as the best Android phone yet, HTC's latest offering has a sleek, brushed-metal design that has charmed reviewers. It boasts a 5-inch screen, a dual-camera setup that lets users refocus even after they take an image, and a hefty 2GB of RAM. HTC
Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo, but the Moto X still has its admirers. The Moto X claims to be the first phone manufactured in the U.S. Hands-free voice controls allow you to operate the phone without touching it -- a handy trick if you're across the room -- and it's highly customizable. From Motorola
Samsung released their latest "phablet," the Galaxy Note 4, which has a vivid, 5.7-inch screen and a fingerprint scanner, and comes equipped with a stylus. SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Some reviewers have called the Nokia Lumia Icon, with a fast processor, 5-inch display screen and 20-megapixel camera, the best Windows phone yet. Nokia
This is the second generation of the Sony phone with an unusual claim to fame: The company says it's water-resistant, for up to 30 minutes. It also boasts a 20-megapixel camera, which Sony claims has the industry's largest sensor. Sony