San Diego mayor to start outpatient therapy

Updated 12:38 PM EDT, Sun August 11, 2013

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Embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner completes intensive therapy Saturday, his attorney says

The mayor said he would start a two-week program on August 5 but started earlier

Filner's attorney says he will continue outpatient therapy sessions

A growing tide of women are making sexual harassment allegations against him

Los Angeles CNN —  

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, facing a growing tide of sexual harassment allegations, has completed two-week intensive behavior therapy and will begin outpatient treatment, according to his lawyer.

In a statement, attorney James Payne said Filner began treatment on July 29, a week earlier than the mayor previously told reporters he would start. Filner was to complete that phase of treatment Saturday, Payne said.

Friday, the city attorney released a statement saying Filner left treatment a week earlier than Filner said he would.

Did mayor target victims of military sexual assault?

In his statement, Payne said Filner would take some personal time next week and would not be available for comment.

It is unclear when Filner will return to work.

Victims start talking

An increasing number of women were coming forward at the time to report that Filner inappropriately touched them, prompting his chief of staff to resign and fellow Democrats to call for Filner to step down.

Eleven women have now accused Filner, 70, of sexual harassment while he was mayor or a congressman.

The latest is nurse Michelle Tyler, who said Tuesday that Filner rubbed her arm in his office and asked for dinner dates in June in exchange for his helping a brain-injured Iraq War veteran. She said Filner told her he wanted to kiss her.

While Filner acknowledged last month that “I need help” and said “I’m clearly doing something wrong,” he has also said he believes he will be vindicated when all the facts come out. The mayor has vowed not to resign.

Filner served 10 terms, or 20 years, in Congress before being elected mayor of San Diego last year.

Boxer pleads for San Diego mayor to resign

CNN’s Kyung Lah reported from Los Angeles. Melissa Gray reported and wrote the story in Atlanta.