Adam Brody on ‘The O.C.’ and his porn ‘stache inspiration


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"The O.C." star Adam Brody is up for a reunion

If it were to happen, he'd want it to be on stage

This weekend he's starring in the Linda Lovelace biopic "Lovelace"

Brody says he didn't have enough time to grow his character's porn 'stache

CNN —  

If there was ever a reunion for teen soap “The O.C.,” which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week, former star Adam Brody would want it to be in the theater. (Like there wasn’t enough drama.)

The 33-year-old actor starred in the series as the lovably sarcastic Seth Cohen, and he told CNN that he can envision “The O.C.” as a stage production.

“I’ll do ‘The O.C. Reunion: The Play,’ ” he said. “I’d like to do it on stage … I think that’s where it should live.”

And if the public demanded a musical, Brody would comply.

“I can’t sing really, but I’ll do my best,” he joked. “I’ll take the very low notes.”

Since “The O.C.” ended in 2007, Brody has lined up a number of movie projects, including Friday’s release, “Lovelace.”

The film, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, tells the story of adult actress Linda Lovelace. Brody plays Lovelace’s “Deep Throat” co-star, Harry Reems.

Aside from seeing “Deep Throat,” Brody said he prepared by watching “‘The Devil in Miss Jones,’ the next porn with Harry Reems, and I read his biography from the ‘70s – very lighthearted, before he sort of fell on hard times and resurrected himself.”

But when it came to Reems’ unmistakable porn ‘stache, the actor says he failed to live up to the task.

“To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have the follicles nor the time to grow what I really needed to grow,” he said. “Harry Reems is the first male porno star. This is the quintessential porno ‘stache. This is the ground zero for a porn ‘stache, this is where it all began, so yeah, it is a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, I got the part a little bit on short notice; I would have liked a little more time.”

CNN’s Topher Gauk-Roger contributed to this report.