Miley Cyrus names her new album 'BANGERZ'

Miley Cyrus tweeted August 6 that her upcoming album will be called "BANGERZ."

Story highlights

  • Miley Cyrus has tweeted the name of her new album
  • She says fans will know why it's called "BANGERZ" when they hear it
  • A recent leak hints that Britney Spears might appear on the record
To promote her upcoming album, Katy Perry has been posting clever videos promising a new, streamlined persona.
To promote her upcoming album, Lady Gaga posted a video in which she gets her septum pierced.
And then there's Miley Cyrus, who simply tweeted the title of her own soon-to-be-released disc.
"If you don't know why my record is called BANGERZ you'll know as soon as you hear it," Cyrus posted. "Nothin but #BANGERZ."
Astute readers will notice that she is spelling that title with a Z at the end, rather than an S. "Bangers" might work for an album made by her father, but for Miley Cyrus, only a Z will do. (Incidentally, she's considering going the full Miley and dropping her dad's name entirely.)
If "We Can't Stop" is any indication, "BANGERZ" should deliver on its title -- and it looks like we may have an additional nine seconds by which to judge the album. A recent leak—titled "Bangerz" and billed to Miley and Britney Spears—sounds as rugged as we'd hope from twerk-era Miley.
Whether or not the female voice belongs to Britney or Miley (or someone else entirely) we obviously can't say for sure, but it would certainly make sense for M. to recruit B., that "one person" in her life "who gets it."
What is "it," exactly? We'll just have to wait for "BANGERZ" to find out.