Summer is seersucker's shining moment

Story highlights

  • Frumpy, boxy seersucker is out, tailored seersucker is in.
  • Men are boldly experimenting in fashion, using seersucker in new ways
  • Haspel and Brooks Brothers helped popularize the cool fabric
The seersucker suit is having a moment.
Recently worn by the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West, and Leonardo DiCaprio (as designed by Brooks Brothers in the movie "The Great Gatsby"), seersucker has jumped out of its humble beginnings and into the modern dandy's closet.
And if you think seersucker will make you look like Colonel Sanders, Trent Lott or some preppie named Biff, it's time to think again.
The hip hop world and famous athletes are leading the modern seersucker movement, said Esquire's fashion market editor Nic Screws. Instead of wearing a frumpy seersucker suit, these men are tailoring their summer wear to show off their physique, she said.
"I think seersucker is always having a moment during the hot months," she said. "The reason it seems like a trend is that menswear (now) has guys upping their game."