Evidence photos from Castro's trial

Updated 1:10 PM ET, Thu August 1, 2013
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Ariel Castro's sentencing for the kidnapping and rape of three women in Ohio will be issued Thursday, August 1. During the trial, the prosecution presented images from inside the house that reveal the disturbing conditions in which they were held. A model of the house was also included. Tony Dejak/ap
Chains constrained the women in the basement.
Castro had a gun in the home and told Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Detective David Jacobs he would "show to the girls as a form of control." Asked whether he had ever forced the girls to play Russian roulette, Castro told Jacobs that he didn't remember it, "but if the girls said it, it probably happened."
Amanda Berry spent most of her time in this bathroom with her daughter.
Stuffed animals lie on a bed in the house.
Castro describes himself as a sexual predator in a letter.
Berry and Michelle Knight were forced to wear a helmet the first time Castro sexually assaulted them, according to Andrew Harasimchuk, a detective with the sex crimes unit.
Toys and other belongings are piled in a bedroom.
The FBI agent interviewed on the stand said Castro would make the women wear a brown wig on the rare occasion he let them out of the home.
Chains ran through the walls in the house, the prosecution said.
The pole to which the women were chained in the basement is pictured running through an upstairs bedroom.
Stairs led down to the basement.