20 odd items confiscated by the TSA

Published 1:52 PM ET, Wed July 31, 2013
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In 2012, a passenger traveling from Miami International Airport attempted to transport 163 marine tropical fish, 12 pond slider turtles, 22 invertebrates, 24 live coral pieces, 8 pieces of stony corals with mushroom polyps and 8 pieces of soft coral to Maracaibo, Venezuela. Transportation Security Administration officers discovered the animals, and the passenger surrendered the items to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Check out what other strange items travelers have attempted to get past airport security, according to the TSA's blog. TSA
TSA agents at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport discovered human skull fragments in a clay pot in checked luggage. The owners of the bag said they did not know there were skull fragments in the pots. TSA
A box with "explosive" scrawled across it was checked at San Francisco International Airport; it contained an airbag. TSA
A passenger at Dayton International Airport set off alarms when he tried to get a tobacco grinder shaped like a hand grenade through security. Officers also found a soda can with a false bottom that contained marijuana. TSA
An Atlanta traveler used a PVC pipe with end caps to protect a portable printer. TSA agents flagged the item because of its resemblance to a bomb. TSA
A gun with no cylinder was found inside a cutout book at Honolulu International Airport. TSA
An AT4 rocket launcher was found in checked baggage at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. TSA
Twenty-four pounds of black powder were found at Chicago Midway Airport. Though properly packaged ammunition is permitted in checked baggage, black powder is not. TSA
An inert Claymore mine and grenade were discovered at San Jose International Airport in California. TSA
A gag gift made to look like an explosive device was found at Florida's St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport. TSA
Law enforcement officers evacuated Dallas-Fort Worth's baggage area and the terminals near a bazooka round found in checked luggage. The item was moved to a remote location, where it was deemed inert. TSA
A carryon with a powder horn containing approximately 3 ounces of black powder was found at Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas. TSA
Two swords were found in a guitar case that a Salt Lake City passenger was attempting to carry on to a flight. TSA
Throwing stars shaped like the Batman symbol were found at San Diego International Airport. TSA
A spear gun was confiscated at New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport. The passenger claimed he thought spear guns were OK to bring on board, according to the TSA blog. TSA
A traveler at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport attempted to get marijuana onto a flight in a jar of peanut butter. TSA
An inert grenade was found at San Antonio International Airport. TSA
A hairbrush with a concealed dagger was discovered by TSA agents at Kahului Airport in Hawaii. TSA
A throwing star was found at Los Angeles International Airport. TSA
Two cannonballs were found in luggage at Hawaii's Kahului Airport. TSA