Michael Jackson’s estate consultant helps AEG Live’s defense


Story highlights

Katherine Jackson learns a consultant for her son's estate is helping defend AEG Live

Michael Jackson's mother is suing AEG Live, contending it's liable for her son's death

Consultant Eric Briggs says the estate approved his work for AEG Live's defense

Briggs consulted for the Jackson estate in the past

Los Angeles CNN —  

A lawyer for Michael Jackson’s estate gave an entertainment industry consultant permission to help AEG Live in its defense of the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the pop singer’s mother, the expert testified.

The revelation was a surprise to Katherine Jackson, who was sitting in court Tuesday listening to the expert testify that he believed her son would not have earned any money even if he had not died of a propofol overdose.

If jurors decide AEG Live is liable in Jackson’s death, testimony by Eric Briggs – whose company billed the concert promoter $700,000 to prepare his opinion – could be used to determine how much in damages the company would have to pay to Michael Jackson’s mother and three children.

Briggs, however, previously consulted for the Jackson estate in determining a value of it’s biggest asset – the Sony-ATV music catalog that includes the Beatles songs. He testified that before he signed a contract to serve as an expert in AEG Live’s defense he sought and gained permission from the Jackson estate lawyer Jeryll Cohen to waive any potential conflict of interest.