Mailboxes: Creativity beyond the driveway

Updated 4:30 PM ET, Thu August 1, 2013
irpt mailbox Willsonirpt mailbox Willson
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Branden Willson designs custom mailboxes to look like vintage Volkswagen buses. Courtesy Branden Willson
This unusual mailbox gave Tara O'Connor a much-needed laugh one day in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. "After having a bad day, that was the best pick-me-up I could have asked for," she says. Courtesy Tara O'Connor
In her neighborhood on Oahu in Hawaii, Ginny Clarke took note of colorful mailboxes such as this one. Courtesy Ginny Clarke
Ginny Clarke spotted these Hawaiian-shirt-inspired mailboxes while wandering through a neighborhood on the island of Oahu. Courtesy Ginny Clarke
This interesting mailbox marks the dirt road that presumably leads to the legendary Area 51. Throughout the years, tourists and alien-seekers have decorated it with stickers, graffiti and even a green face. Courtesy Jack Freer
This mailbox caught Lia Ocampo's eye; it's a mini replica of the larger house behind it. Courtesy Lia Ocampo
As a professor of interior design, Nadya Kozinets was drawn to these mailboxes in Stockholm, Sweden. Courtesy Nadya Kozinets
Megan Smutak snapped a pic of these smiling mailboxes outside an artist's gallery in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Courtesy Megan Smutak
Juliana Romnes spotted these mailboxes while driving through the artist's community of Madrid, New Mexico. Courtesy Juliana Romnes
Paul Tamasi spotted this hilariously tall mailbox on a road trip with his son along Route 2 in Maine. Courtesy Paul Tamasi
This doggy mailbox always makes Linda Glovach smile when she passes its Glen Cove, New York, house. Courtesy Linda Glovach
Marie Sager paid a visit to Robert Frost's mailbox at the famous poet's residence in Franconia, New Hampshire. Courtesy Marie Sager
Kathi Cordsen doesn't have a mailbox, but she does have a doorside letter slot, one she likes for its rustic appearance. Under Rep. Darrell Issa's proposal, the Postal Service would cease all individualized mailbox delivery.