Photos: Two-headed animals

Updated 11:29 AM ET, Tue July 30, 2013
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Thelma and Louise, a two-headed Texas cooter turtle, was born at the San Antonio Zoo on July 18 and has already gained a sturdy fan base. After creating a Facebook page for the pair, the zoo staff saw "such tremendous outpouring of support by our fans that we had to update our page from a personal page to celebrity status page." Here's a look at other two-headed animals you might have missed. San Antonio Zoo/AP
Animals are born bicephalic, or with two heads, when twins don't separate while developing. It occurs mainly with snakes and turtles, according to the San Antonio Zoo. Wheezie, left, and Zak model the party hats on their first birthday in June 2008. Craig Kohlruss/Fresno Bee/MCT/Getty Images
A two-headed bobtail lizard resides at a reptile home in Perth, Australia. It eats from both heads, but the larger head has tried to attack the smaller one. Its movement is difficult as both heads control its back legs. Paul Kane/Getty Images
A two-headed pig was born in China's Jiangxi province in April. A local veterinarian said it suffers a rare deformity and would find it difficult to survive. AFP/Getty Images
A two-headed calf was born in the Armenian village of Sotk in January 2011. KAREN MINASYAN/AFP/Getty Images
This Honduran milk snake is albino as well as double-headed. Albino milk snakes appear in bright shades of red, orange and white. Daniel Parker/
A bicephalic baby goat was born on May 26, 2004, in Bauta, Cuba, a rural town outside Havana. Courtesy Juventud Rebelde/Reuters/Landov
This bull shark, found in the womb of an adult caught on April 7, 2011, was the first two-headed bull shark on record. The fetus died shortly after being removed from the uterus. Experts say it stood little chance of surviving had it been born naturally. Barcroft Media /Landov
A two-headed calf was born on a farm in Orbec, France, on Nov. 8, 1986. It ate with both mouths but only mooed through one mouth. Huet/ap