Developer describes threats in ‘Whitey’ Bulger trial


Story highlights

Real-estate developer Richard Buccheri says "Whitey" Bulger put a gun to his head

He says it happened as part of a dispute about the placement of a fence

Buccheri: Bulger demanded $200,000, "threatening to kill me and my family"

Boston CNN —  

Pounding his fist on the witness stand Thursday, real-estate developer Richard Buccheri, 73, described the day he came face-to-face with Boston’s alleged Irish mob kingpin James “Whitey” Bulger.

Bulger is charged in the deaths of 19 people during some two decades. He also faces charges of extortion, racketeering and money laundering.

He had called Buccheri to a meeting to discuss the positioning of a fence on a property Bulger associate Kevin Weeks wanted to buy, Buccheri said.

He said they had barely sat down when Bulger banged on the table and told Buccheri, “You know Rich, sometimes you should just keep your mouth shut. You know Kevin Weeks is like a surrogate son.”

Buccheri’s opinion on the positioning of the fence was not favorable to Weeks.

Raising two fingers to his mouth to demonstrate, Buccheri said Bulger “takes a shotgun off the table and sticks it in my mouth. Then he took it out, punched me in the shoulder and said, ‘Richard you’re a stand-up guy. I’m not going to kill you.”

But then, he said, Bulger “puts a 45 to my head” and demands $200,000 in 30 days, “threatening to kill me and my family.”