5 games to watch from Comic-Con

Updated 1:11 PM ET, Fri July 19, 2013
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Comic-Con International, the annual celebration of comics, movies, television and fantasy/sci-fi culture, is increasingly becoming a showcase for new and upcoming video games. Here are five promising titles on display to the 150,000 attendees in San Diego this week. Adam Rose/CNN
In the latest version of this acclaimed franchise, gamers must use all of Batman and Bruce Wayne's resources to contend with eight criminal masterminds, including the Penguin, Deathstroke, Deadshot and the Joker. Courtesy Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
This zombie game is set 10 years after the events of "Dead Rising 2," but everything about the new version is different. The humorous tone of previous "Dead Risings" take a back seat to real horror and scares this time around. Courtesy Capcom
In this strikingly original game, players take control of an orange octopus somehow passing as a human by wearing a blue suit. The objective is to complete a series of progressively more difficult challenges (shopping at a grocery store, cooking a meal, getting married) while keeping your tentacles in check and remaining undetected by humans.
Courtesy Young Horses
This sequel to the popular PC game immerses players in epic battles from the days of the Roman empire. The game's intuitive nature means that even novices can command huge battlefields, moving from skirmish to skirmish with the click of a mouse. Courtesy Sega/The Collective Assembly
In this intriguing open-world game, players become a hacker with a smartphone that connects to Chicago's central operation system. Players can access every element of the city's infrastructure and learn details about its citizens, creating superhero-like capabilities. At the same time, gamers are forced to make moral choices about whether and how to fight crime. From Ubisoft