Photos: Global tributes to Nelson Mandela

Updated 6:41 PM ET, Thu December 5, 2013
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South African artist John Adams works on a giant painting of Nelson Mandela in a suburb of Johannesburg. Mandela, an anti-apartheid icon and Nobel peace laureate, endured 27 years in prison before becoming South Africa's first democratically elected president. Click through the gallery for other artistic tributes to "the world's most famous political prisoner." Ben Curtis/AP
SOUTH AFRICA: A giant mosaic of Mandela made from 5,000 cups of coffee is displayed at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg. Gallo Images/Getty Images
GERMANY: A woman views a giant wooden head of Mandela in the city center of Essen in western Germany. Created by artist Jems Robert Koko Bi from the Ivory Coast, the sculpture is made of burned spruce wood and is supposed to stand for the fight for freedom. Martin Meissner/AP
SOUTH AFRICA: A mural of Mandela is displayed near his former house in the Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images
ENGLAND: A six-foot bronze sculpture of Mandela is lifted onto a platform in front of the Royal Festival Hall in central London. Cast in bronze, the sculpture was originally unveiled in 1985, five years before Mandela's release from prison. LEON NEAL/AFP/GettyImages
ENGLAND: A foundry worker moves a crane after lifting a new statue of Mandela in Braintree, northeast of London. The nine-foot high bronze statue was started by British sculptor Ian Walters, who died in 2006, and completed by Nigel Boonham. Weighing approximately one ton, the sculpture now stands on the corner of Parliament Square facing the Palace of Westminster. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
BRAZIL: A float by the Porto da Pedra samba school pays tribute to Mandela as it parades at the Sambadrome during the second night of Carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro. ANTONIO SCORZA/AFP/Getty Images
SOUTH AFRICA: A woman holds a purse with Mandela's face on it in Johannesburg. Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images
SOUTH AFRICA: Ceramic statues of Mandela are seen in a shop in Johannesburg. LIONEL HEALING/AFP/Getty Images
INDIA: Artist Sudarshan Pattnaik works on a sand sculpture in Puri to wish Mandela a speedy recovery. The former South African president was in critical but stable condition at the time, according to officials. STRINGER/INDIA/REUTERS/LANDOV
SOUTH AFRICA: A mural depicts Mandela near the Regina Mundi Catholic Church in the Soweto Township in Johannesburg. The church played a central role in the anti-apartheid struggle, opening its doors to shelter activists. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
NIGERIA: A model displays an outfit by fashion designer Deola Sagoe that features faces of renowned African figures, including Mandela, during the launch of Ebony Life TV in Lagos. Sunday Alamba/AP
SOUTH AFRICA: Construction workers add the final touches to a Mandela statue outside Howick, South Africa. The monument will form part of the museum that was opened in the Midlands Meander at the spot where Mandela was arrested on August 5, 1962. Ian Carbutt/Natal Witness/Gallo Images/Getty Image
SOUTH AFRICA: From left, actress Hlubi Mboya, former boxer Baby Jake Matlala and Thomas van Schaik from Adidas unveil a piece of art during a Live Quest event showcasing paintings of key moments of the 2010 FIFA World Cup at the Adidas Jo'bulani Centre in Johannesburg. Abbey Sebetha/Getty Images
NORTHERN IRELAND: A Mandela mural is displayed on a home in Northern Ireland. Kevin Weaver/Getty Images
SOUTH AFRICA: A mosaic portrait of Mandela made entirely out of Rubik's cubes is on display at the entrance of the Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel & Spa in Cape Town. It was created by artist Jan Du Plessis. Foto24/Gallo Images/Getty Images
SOUTH AFRICA: People gather by a Mandela statue in downtown Johannesburg. MUJAHID SAFODIEN/AFP/Getty Images
SOUTH AFRICA: South African bank notes featuring Mandela are seen at an office in Johannesburg. SIPHIWE SIBEKO/REUTERS/LANDOV
SOUTH AFRICA: A person bungee jumps off old cooling towers in Soweto painted with a mural featuring Mandela. ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images
SOUTH AFRICA: South African artist Paul Blomkamp stands in front of the giant acrylic-on-canvas painting he made of Mandela at his studio in Johannesburg. He said he was drawn to Mandela because of his "exceptional energy." Ben Curtis/AP
ENGLAND: Graffiti of Mandela by Paul Don Smith is seen on a door in East London. PA PHOTOS /LANDOV
UNITED STATES: A fan wearing the colors of South Africa and a portrait of Mandela cheers in the second half of a soccer match between the U.S. and the Czech Republic in East Hartford, Connecticut. Brian Snyder/Reuters/Landov
POLAND: A clock in Warsaw is made out of an old vinyl record and painted with Mandela's headshot. PETER ANDREWS/REUTERS/LANDOV
INDIA: An elderly man in Bangalore holds a portrait of Mandela as he receives a free haircut to commemorate the 84th birthday of the former South African president in 2002. INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/GettyImages
FRANCE: Artwork featuring Mandela over the years is on display at an exhibition in Paris. Maxppp /Landov
SOUTH AFRICA: Street art expressing love for Mandela is found in Cape Town. NARDUS ENGELBRECHT/AFP/Getty Images