NTSB: 2 Asiana pilots call for landing to be aborted

Updated 6:42 AM EDT, Fri July 12, 2013

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NEW: Investigation will likely take a year, NTSB says

Two pilots in the cockpit called for the landing to be aborted, NTSB says

No discussion of speed until nine seconds before impact, NTSB says

911 calls pour in to dispatchers from witnesses and passengers alike

San Francisco CNN —  

An in-depth review of the cockpit voice recorder of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 shows two pilots called for the landing to be aborted before the plane hit a seawall and crashed onto the runway at San Francisco International Airport, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday.

The first internal call by one of the three pilots in the cockpit to abort the landing came three seconds before the crash and a second was made by another pilot 1.5 seconds before impact, Deborah Hersman said.

The news came as the NTSB began to wrap up its investigation at the airport, where officials have begun cleaning up the debris left by the crash. Investigators turned over the runway, which had been shuttered since Saturday’s crash, late Wednesday, Hersman said.

The investigation is slowly shifting back to NTSB headquarters in Washington, where authorities will work to find a more definitive answer about what led to the crash that killed two 16-year-old Chinese girls and injured more than 180 of the remaining 305 passengers.