Nick Cannon: Mariah's a trouper

Nick Cannon attends Nickelodeon's 2012 TeenNick HALO Awards with wife Mariah Carey.

Story highlights

  • Nick Cannon said Mariah Carey's injuries on the set of a music video were pretty serious
  • Carey dislocated her shoulder, cracked a rib and chipped her shoulder bone
  • However, after receiving treatment she was back on set the next morning
  • Cannon: Mariah's "such a trooper"
Nick Cannon is proud of his wife Mariah Carey's "trooper" mentality in the face of her injury.
Carey dislocated her shoulder on Sunday while shooting her latest music promo for her single "#Beautiful" in New York City. Immediately after the accident, she visited New York's Hospital for Special Surgery on the Upper East Side to have her shoulder reset.
Cannon was with the mother of his two children when she sustained the trauma, and he is shocked by how strong Carey was through all the pain.
"She's such a trooper," Nick told the "Today" show Tuesday. "I was going to rush to the hospital with her, [but she said,] 'You get back in there and finish that video!' Then, after they put [her] shoulder back in place, bandaged her all up, she came back to the video early in the morning and finished out everything."
Apparently when Carey went down she donned full diva attire.
What's Mariah's fave Mariah Carey song?
What's Mariah's fave Mariah Carey song?


    What's Mariah's fave Mariah Carey song?


What's Mariah's fave Mariah Carey song? 01:39
"She was in this nice, beautiful gown, heels on and everything, and was kind of on this platform and reached and slipped and fell on her whole side," he said.
Cannon added that his wife's injuries were a little more dramatic than initially reported, as the songstress' bones were also damaged.
"It was pretty serious," he said. "Not only did she dislocate her shoulder, she actually cracked a rib and ... she chipped her shoulder bone."
Despite her injury, it's rumored that Carey will still perform in upcoming shows.
She is set to sing at a free concert on Central Park's Great Lawn July 13, an event in association with Major League Baseball to benefit the Hurricane Sandy Relief.
The singer is currently promoting her album "The Art of Letting Go," which is scheduled for release this year.