Running updates from the Zimmerman trial

Updated 4:32 PM EDT, Tue July 9, 2013

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The trial of George Zimmerman has entered its 11th day

A neighbor and Sanford's city manager testify Tuesday afternoon

Forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio testifies on injuries to Martin and Zimmerman

The judge delays ruling on whether to allow a 3D animation of the shooting into evidence

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HLN, CNN’s sister network, is covering the George Zimmerman trial, gavel to gavel. Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. Here is testimony from Friday:

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The judge is dismissing the jury so attorneys can take up some legal matters outside of their presence.

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The attorneys are at a sidebar.

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Dilligard says she has never heard Martin’s voice, just Zimmerman’s voice. The witness has been excused.

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Defense attorney O’Mara has finished his direct examination and prosecutor de la Rionda has started his questions.

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Zimmerman’s truck was parked on Retreat View Circle, just to the left of the “T” in the sidewalk, according to Dilligard. O’Mara asks if it could have been the second street in and she says it could have been.

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Dilligard says she came in through the main entrance and the crime scene tape she observed was to her left, or the east.

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Defense attorney O’Mara is trying to show Dilligard a map of the neighborhood but she’s having trouble seeing it. He decides to move on.

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Dilligard first heard the 911 call with the screams on the local news. She has heard the call several times.

“I heard the voice screaming in the background and of the two that we are discussing … I only heard George talk,” Dilligard said. At that point, she had known Zimmerman two and a half years.

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An FBI agent left a card on Dilligard’s door, requesting that she call, which she did. He went to her house with another agent to interview her.

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Dilligard says she was present when a couple of neighbors – two males and a female – gave their verbal statements to police. She says she gave police her name and phone number but didn’t give a statement.

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Dilligard wanted to know where Zimmerman’s wife was so she went to their residence and knocked but no one came to the door. The attorneys are at a sidebar.

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Zimmerman’s wife pulled up to the house, had a brief conversation with Dilligard and then went to the scene.

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In reference to the other photo the police officer showed her: “I did not know the person’s name. I had seen him in passing probably earlier that day but I didn’t know who he was.” She says she now knows it was Martin.

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“His nose was very bloody and to me it looked very disfigured like it was somewhat to the left or right. But I know it was not the way I knew him. The nose was very disfigured and a lot of blood coming from it,” Dilligard said.

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A police officer told Dilligard, “We’re trying to find someone who may know the people involved in the shooting.” She says he had a cell phone and showed two pictures to her and several neighbors standing with her. She says she identified one person as Zimmerman, who had a bloody nose.

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Dilligard describes what she saw when she came upon the scene: Lots of people standing around, some near the police tape. She says she looked for Zimmerman because she saw his truck.

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Dilligard was returning from Walmart when she thought she was being pulled over by police. She realized they were just trying to pass her to get to her neighborhood. She saw Zimmerman’s truck nearing the curb “down by where the crime scene was.”

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The defense calls Eloise Dilligard. She is testifying via webcam because she is sick, according to O’Mara. She was a neighbor of Zimmerman’s. She says she knew him as a “friendly neighbor.”

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