Why Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash was survivable

Updated 8:41 PM EDT, Sun July 7, 2013

Story highlights

Incident similar to Air France crash in Toronto in 2005 -- all survived

Investigation into Asiana crash will look at onboard training

Onus is also on passengers to understand and follow safety procedures

(CNN) —  

The attention into the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 is now shifting to two areas.

One, why did the incident happen? They will be looking at things like instrument landing systems, the glide slope, the approach of the Boeing 777, the way the pilot flew the aircraft and other key aspects.

Secondly, they will be looking at the onboard training to get the passengers off as fast as they can.

Video from passengers after the crash landing show slides deployed and people exiting well before fire really took hold of the aircraft.

Asiana have confirmed there were 291 passengers plus 16 cabin crew onboard flight OZ214. Looking at video of the burned out wreckage and of smoke and fire soon after the crash, some may be surprised the casualty figures are so low considering there were more than 300 onboard.