Protests in Egypt: Your experiences

Updated 11:08 AM ET, Fri July 5, 2013
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iReporter Mahmoud Gamal captured this image of crowds in Cairo on Wednesday, July 3, after news came Mohamed Morsy, the former Egyptian president, had been ousted. "It was an amazing carnival," he said. Courtesy Mahmoud Gamal
Fireworks and flags filled the sky as anti-Morsy protesters celebrated the toppling of Morsy in this image taken July 3 by Norman Halim, who said he was concerned about what could happen next. Courtesy Norman Halim
Norman Halim also captured this striking image earlier July 3 of an army helicopter hovering over the crowd. Courtesy Norman Halim
Freelance journalist Erica Charves captured this street scene July 2 as protests against Morsy gathered momentum. Courtesy Erica Charves
Flags were ubiquitous throughout the protests, such as in this crowd in Cairo on Tuesday, July 2. "A lot of my family [are] religious, so they pray that there will be peace in Egypt," said Charves. Courtesy Erica Charves
iReporter Alia Coucla Refaat captured this image of protesters demonstrating against former President Mohamed Morsy on Tuesday, July 2, on the streets of Cairo. "The streets are full of chanting and love," she said. "Men are being respectful to women, giving us our space to take part in this revolution." Courtesy: Alia Coucla Refaat
iReporter Malak Kabbani sent in images from protests held July 2. She told CNN: "The energy in Tahrir is very positive, the protests have been very peaceful all over Cairo and surrounding Egyptian states so far." Courtesy: Malak Kabbani
While photographing the protesters, Mahmoud Gamal felt as though there was a sense of rage within protesters. "You could consider it a new wave of rage in this revolution," he said. Courtesy: Mahmoud Gamal
"I believe that the call for an early presidential election is fair enough," iReporter Mahmoud Gamal said. Courtesy: Mahmoud Gamal
Veteran iReporter and protester Ahmed Raafat captured images and videos of protesters demonstrating against Egypt's president on Monday, July 1. "I'm not sure what's going to happen, but I think the situation will continue to escalate," he says. Courtesy: Ahmed Raafat
Egyptian iReporter and photographer Mohamed Boraie captured scenes of protesters on the streets in Cairo on Sunday, June 30, as demonstrations against the Egyptian president (and some from his supporters) clogged the city's streets. Courtesy: Mohamed Boraie
"The atmosphere was very emotional, seeing all Egyptians from all [walks] of life," Mohamed Boraie said. "Different areas of Cairo came along to call for President Morsy to step down." Courtesy: Mohamed Boraie
iReporter and photographer Hasan Amin captured these images June 30 in the crowd of protesters marching against Morsy in Cairo. "It was positive. A lot of Egyptians went to protest for the first time," he said. Courtesy: Hasan Amin
"They have faith that they can change [things] and that their fate is in their hands," Hasan Amin said. The crowds, he said, were huge, and gathered all around the city's presidential palace, metro stations and streets. Courtesy: Hasan Amin
Mai Alaa Kheder told CNN, "People from all ages are coming from everywhere. It is safe, and the helicopters of the army are above us." Courtesy: Mai Alaa Kheder