Egypt Fast Facts

The Sultan Hassan Mosque and city skyline of Cairo are seen from the Muhammad Ali Mosque in Cairo's Citadel on October 21, 2013, in Cairo, Egypt.

(CNN)Here's a look at Egypt, the most populous country in the Arab world. Egypt is located in North Africa and is bisected by the Nile River. It shares a border with Israel, Sudan and Libya. It also borders the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

About Egypt:
(from the CIA World Fact Book)
Area: 1,001,450 sq km (about three times the size of New Mexico)
Population: 97,041,072 (July 2017 est.)
Median age: 23.9 years
    Capital: Cairo
    Ethnic Groups: Egyptian 99.6%, other 0.4% (2006 census)
    Religion: Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%, Christian (mostly Coptic Orthodox, other Christians include Armenian Apostolic, Catholic, Maronite, Orthodox, and Anglican) 10%
    GDP (purchasing power parity): $1.201 trillion (2017 est.)
    GDP per capita: $12,700 (2017 est.)
    Unemployment: 11.9% (2017 est.)
    Other Facts:
    The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea through Egypt.
    More than 90% of Egypt consists of desert.
    3200 BC-332 BC - Ruled by a series of Egyptian dynasties.
    332 BC-600s AD - Ruled by Greeks, Romans and Byzantines.
    600s AD - The Arabic language and Islamic religion become dominant in Egypt.
    1517 - Conquered by the Ottoman Turks.
    1798-1801 - Briefly controlled by France.
    1858 - La Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez (Universal Company of the Maritime Suez Canal) is formed to dig a canal and operate it for 99 years. The company is privately owned by French and Egyptian interests and would become totally Egyptian-owned after 99 years.
    April 25, 1859 - Excavation on the Suez Canal begins.
    November 17, 1869 - The Suez Canal opens for navigation.
    1875 - The British government buys Egypt's interest in the Suez Canal company.
    1882 - To protect its investment in the Suez Canal, Great Britain takes control of Egypt's government.
    February 28, 1922 - Egypt achieves partial independence from its status as a protectorate of the United Kingdom. The country becomes a constitutional monarchy.
    May 14, 1948 - Israel declares statehood. The nations of Trans-Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria attack.
    July 23-26, 1952 - In a coup led by General Gamal Abdel Nasser, military officers overthrow the monarchy, leading to a completely independent Egypt.
    June 18, 1953 - Egypt declares itself a republic.
    1954 - Nasser becomes the prime minister of Egypt.
    1954 - Great Britain and Egypt sign a seven-year plan for British troop withdr