The Arizona firefighter victims

Updated 2:16 PM ET, Tue July 2, 2013
AZ hot shot ashcraftAZ hot shot ashcraft
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Nineteen firefighters, part of an elite group called the Hotshots, died while battling a wildfire about 85 miles northwest of Phoenix on Sunday, June 30. Here are the 19 victims: Andrew Ashcraft, 29. from Ashcraft family
Robert Caldwell, 23. KPHO/Facebook
Travis Carter, 31. from facebook
Dustin DeFord, 24. KPHO/Facebook
Chris MacKenzie, 30. From Facebook
Eric Marsh, 43. KPHO/Facebook
Grant McKee, 21. KPHO/Facebook
Sean Misner, 26. From
Scott Norris, 28. KPHO/Facebook
Wade Parker, 22. KPHO/facebook
John Percin, 24. KPHO/Facebook
Jesse Steed, 36. KPHO/Facebook
Anthony Rose, 23. KPHO/Facebook
Joe Thurston, 32. KPHO/Facebook
Travis Turbyfill, 27. from facebook
William Warneke, 25. KPHO/Marine Corps photo
Clayton Whitted, 28. KPHO
Kevin Woyjeck, 21. KPHO/Facebook
Garret Zuppiger, 27. KPHO